Video Categories

These videos will Inspire, Encourage, Equipe and Convict you to draw closer to The Lord ... Over the past several years, these videos have done exactly that for our team and thoasands of other people. For the First time ever, these videos are now available in one place here at Zion

Top 10 Videos //

Watching hundreds of videos, we thought these were the best of the best ... However, they are all good! // Enjoy

Encouragement //

These shorts clips remind us of how great our God is by doing the only thing He knows how to do - LOVE US


Understanding Truth //

Sometimes we hear so much in the world that isn't The Truth, we need to be reminded of our foundations in faith

Sermon Shorts //

Short, impactful clips which remind us of who we are representing as children of The Living God =]


Convict Me //

Hold on to your seat and buckle up ... Many times we need some conviction to deflate our over-inflated minds - Don't worry, It's only The Truth! !

Comedy //

Time to Smile! Our God has a great sense of humor, he made Baboons and put butts on their faces - Have a good laugh at these funny clips


Music //

Music for your heart to move in one direction - closer to the one who made it all!


N.D.E. //

Compelling videos from those who have died and come back to share with us what they saw and how it's changed their life forever

These videos are never meant to replace the valuable time of worship through Prayer, Time in The Word, or Fellowship with others ... They are simply meant to spur you onto these things helping to strengthen your faith with Sound Truth and Biblical Knowledge ...

Know One Thing Forever, GOD LOVES YOU more than you can Imagine...