// Powerful Testimonies


Nick Vujicic

Please just watch the video... I think it's something we should all watch...

Testimonies are the most powerful way to share with others God's presence, His power and love in your life... Be prepared to share the hope you have in Christ and may the Lord bless you Always!

// Wayne Huizenga

I had all the things available that the world had to offer, but was never satisfied.

// Stephen Baldwin

Something was still missing...

// Mike Huckabee

I lost the election, but not my soul...

// Jerry Zucka

What if you don’t have all the answers?

// Ann Rice

I wrote about vampires and outcasts. But I've changed.

// Ashley Rawls

It was more than an eating disorder. I needed security.

// Ken Hutcherson

I was driven by hate. Driven.

// Richard Ellis

I was hurting so badly I wanted to die.

// 99 Balloons

The story of a child, and a wonderfully faithful family

// John Abel

When disaster strikes / Where is your Heart?

These videos are never meant to replace the valuable time of worship through Prayer, time in the Word, or Fellowship with others... They're meant to spur you onto these things to strengthen your faith with sound Truth and Biblical Knowledge...

Know One Thing Forever, GOD LOVES YOU more than you can Imagine...