Video Categories

These videos will Inspire, Encourage, Equipe and Convict you to draw closer to The Lord ... Over the past several years, these videos have done exactly that for our team and thoasands of other people. For the First time ever, these videos are now available in one place here at Zion

// Your Beautiful

Soon we will be coming Home, all we can say is, "You're Beautiful!"

// The Relationship

It's not a religion with things you have to do, it's a relationship of love with things you want to do

// God's Chisel

We look like that which we love the most, what do you spend your time doing, where is your heart dwelling?

Do You Desire God //

The Question is - Do you desire God? Break up the fallow ground and seek the only one whom can satisfy your soul

// Foundation U.S.A.

The founding fathers intended this country to be founded upon the principles of the Bible, only now is it being moved from its foundation...

// The Bible's Accuracy

The Bible has been 100% accurate after archeology now corroborates its claims to historical accounts and details of its time...

// Jesus Prophecy

Jesus fulfilled prophecy to an incalculable accuracy to show He was the son of God and the Bible is God's word - so listen up ! =]

// Christ is Holding Us

Modern science shows the cell adhesion molecule holding all things together looks kind of familiar - Check is out?

// A Look at D.N.A.

Language at the root of all life, language requires an never originates by itself - Anywhere in the Universe.

// The Bible Contains

The Bible contains the mind of God, the state of Man, the way of Salvation, and the doom of Sinners. Have you read it today?

These videos are never meant to replace the valuable time of worship through Prayer, time in the Word, or Fellowship with others... They're meant to spur you onto these things to strengthen your faith with sound Truth and Biblical Knowledge...

Know One Thing Forever, GOD LOVES YOU more than you can Imagine...