Common Attacks on Christians

until we finish this catagory, here is a great sermon on this topic

These are a few of the common attacks we receive from non-belivers... Be prepared, and stand firm in your faith, in your love for Christ, they don't understand it and in love, be patient with them so they can see the ever-present love we have with our Lord Jesus Christ. Salvation is just a decision away, a direction of life, a submission to the only one worthy of our conviction, Jesus Christ, the son of God - our mediator unto our father in Heaven.

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Zion Academy is here to remind you to let it go and give it to Christ - He has risen and He is here and He has taken care of EVERYTHING! - HE IS GOD and wants you to live in the passionate purpose of The Kingdom which stands Forever!

May The Lord bless you richly as we continue to pursue His Love and show the world its power //