This is The Mission Statement

Zion Academy will encourage, strengthen, and equip you to take part in the abundant Life available in Jesus Christ... We have Amassed an Arsenal of THE MOST IMPACTFUL VIDEOS - With an Intense Concentration of Information in Bible History, Archeology, and Prophecy clearly explained... In Science, we have included the greatest debates and most powerful points of Cosmology, Physics and Intelligent Design for the existence of God... After seeing the research, it is absolutely ludicrous to believe God isn't behind the system, orchestrating the complex order for making life possible by life Himself - Our God Almighty.

Jesus Christ is Lord!! and that is the Statement ... HE LOVES YOU ... and to be satisfied with a peace beyond understanding, He desires a personal relationship so you can take part in His love and know with confidence your eternal destination... For In His Love, we are made complete!