// Science Confirms God

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// Physics Evidence for God

The Universe is governed by laws and constants finely tuned to a degree sharper than a razors across the Universe for life to even exist. It's inconceivable to think any of this happened by random chance of events. It's actually ridiculous, but you get to choose, be informed so you know the truth at least.

// We Are Held Together by Christ - LITERALLY

Louie Giglio explains what biologists have found holding us together

// Fossil Record Proves God

Darwin knew his theory would colapse if transiftional species where never found and so far, that is exactly the case

// Cosmology Proves God

Strobel does another great job to explain how this system is so perfectly designed, it calls out for a creator, not luck and random chance.

// Scientific Evidence for God

Greg Laurie explains how the Bible confirms science, yet it wasn't written as a science book, it was written to show you how much God Loves you and the lengths He is willing to go to bring you home!

// Science and the Bible Meet

In schools today, how do students cope learning teachings from both sides of the coin?

These are the basics to a flourishing relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ almight God who desires for your complete satisfaction in His Love and to live full and prosperous lives reflecting the truth of His word and the glory of His kingdom of light and love forever.