// Creationists for Christ

Must See Video!



// The 5 Classic Proofs

We can have confidence based on the evidence!

// Evidence for Christ

Lee Strobel explains how it takes a great deal of skeptism to not look at the powerful evidence for Christ

// Does God Exist

These are the arguements by Thomas Aquinas from the 13th century and even with the advances made are still as true today

// Atheist's Head Explode - Literally!

There are some simple facts of deductive reasoning which Atheists cannot address - Enjoy!

// The Attack - Be Aware

This is a sampling of the 100's of videos being made against our creator. Stand firm in your Faith!!

These are the basics to a flourishing relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ almight God who desires for your complete satisfaction in His Love and to live full and prosperous lives reflecting the truth of His word and the glory of His kingdom of light and love forever.