// Is The Bible Reliable

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// Lee Strobel - The Bible's Reliability

We cannot let second-hand hearsay and media tarnish our view of The Bible. The Truth is it has more strength behind it's accuracy of History, Archeology, and the documents which authenticate accuracy of any other of book in history.

// Is The Bible Historically and Culturally Accurate

Lee Strobel provides even more evidence to show the foundation we can stand on as Christians for the accuracy of our faith and the truth of The Word.

// Historical and Archeological Accuracy

Now more than ever we have discoveries and findings which

even moreso prove the accuracy of The bible

// Other Historical Writings about Jesus Christ

Other historical writings confirming Jesus' existence and life during

the time The Bible also speaks of His life here on earth.

// 1st Century Writings Confirm Jesus' Existence

More evidence shown from the records we have showing more information

proving the accuracy of the bible.

// Dead Sea Scrolls : Confirming Today's Scripture

The Discovery of the Dead Scrolls and the signifigance of this discovery.

// Scientific Discoveries Prove The Bible's Accuracy

What has happened to Truth? Sceptism is the hallmark of University Education Today? Evil has become attractive and the real quesion is does this generation even want Truth?

These are the basics to a flourishing relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ almight God who desires for your complete satisfaction in His Love and to live full and prosperous lives reflecting the truth of His word and the glory of His kingdom of light and love forever.