// Facts Of Our Faith

Many have tried to compromise the Bible's authenticity and attack its claims as the Historical, Spiritual and Inspirational Word of The Living God. Below are some of the compelling evidence which will add to your knowledge so when you hold the Bible in your hand, you can have faith in the Bible's accuracy as The Holy Word of God. Be Strong!

// Is The Bible Reliable

Reliable - Historically,Archeologically and Prophetically

No book in History has made the claims the Bible does perfectly

More and more information continue to corraberate evidence of its Truth!

// Summary Of The Bible

66 Books which all point to birth, death and resurection of Jesus Christ

This site gives summary to the books of the Bible

// America's Foundation

Our founding fathers built the nation upon the passages of the Bible

We clearly were a Christian Nation... What happened?

There is a war against God... Check it out!

// Prophecies Fulfilled

Jesus' birth predicted throughout Old Testiment

The Signs in the times of the Last Days

Israel becoming a nation after 2000 years

// Holy Land History

Video tours through The Holy Land

Glimpses at Holy Sites

Best cwe can get without going

// Forum Discussions

Come on in to discuss your questions, concerns and advice to believers and non-believers alike here in the forum...

These are the basics to a flourishing relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ almight God who desires for your complete satisfaction in His Love and to live full and prosperous lives reflecting the truth of His word and the glory of His kingdom of light and love forever.