// Biblical Prophecies

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// The Bible's Prophecies

Here are a handful of prophecies shown in the Passion of The Christ which were confirmed through scripture. The Bible is the only book in history to predict the future and confirm those claims hundreds of times !

// Bible Prophecy being Fulfilled - NOW !

Scripture tells of the last day events and urges us to prepare ourselves in Christ - TODAY ! !

// Old Testament Prophecies confirmed TRUE !

The astronomical mathmatical probability for just 48 prophecies are impossible - ABSOLUTELY IMPOSSIBLE ! ! !

// The Bible Dares to Predict the Future

Greg Laurie explains that the Bible tells us time and time it is The Word of God - DO WE BELIEVE IT ! !

// Check out THE EVIDENCE ! ! !

Think what you believe is THE TRUTH ! Why don't you weigh THE EVIDENCE !

These are the basics to a flourishing relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ almight God who desires for your complete satisfaction in His Love and to live full and prosperous lives reflecting the truth of His word and the glory of His kingdom of light and love forever.