The Mission is Salvation

Jesus Christ is Lord!! and that is the Statement ... HE LOVES YOU ... and to be satisfied with a peace beyond understanding, He desires a personal relationship so you can take part in His love and know with confidence your eternal destination... For In His Love, we are made complete!

1) Jesus Christ is Lord

2) He desires a personal relationship with you

3) Your faith in Christ is The Relationship with Life - God's Love is Perfect

4) God's Love provides satisfaction to your soul, peace within your heart and a love beyond comprehension

We hope this site provides you with the deeper understanding of His simple truth and the powerful message of the gospel, which is, in His Love, an ability for you to see past your circumstances with a strength of passion and purpose beyond this world - we have the unfair advantage in life -

So, let them know it ! !

! ! We have Jesus Christ ! !

! ! Know It ! Live it ! Share it ! !